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SCA Trafalgar

Posted by editor 04/06/2013 0 Comment 2907 views

A healthy set of gnashers can mean a healthy community. Just ask dental pioneers SCA Trafalgar Imagine you are in a job interview and your potential employer says: “And finally, can I have a look at your teeth?” Given the current strict guidelines in place in employment law, I don’t think this line of questioning […]

Talking Mats

Posted by editor 04/06/2013 0 Comment 4115 views

The young man stares at the mat in front of him. There are three columns on the mat representing: things he’s coping well with; things that are going okay; and things he’s struggling with. He is given a card denoting ‘spare time’ and is asked to place it in the most appropriate column. He ponders […]

The Council for Social Responsibility

Posted by editor 28/05/2013 0 Comment 3567 views

By Figen Gunes The Council for Social Responsibility (CSR) is a charity run along social enterprise lines in Hampshire. It aims to transform churches by teaching clergy and lay members how to be innovative and enterprising. Also, it teaches how to engage with communities in a more productive and useful way in a bid to […]

Thames Reach

Posted by editor 07/05/2013 0 Comment 3712 views

“I was sleeping rough in places like Embankment and Holborn,” recalls 40-year-old Essex-born Graham Shelby. “In Holborn I would sleep in a car park, under a ramp to keep the rain off. I was always looking for shelter. Pillar to post for 10 months or so.” However, from this bleak outlook just a few months […]

Pathfinder Healthcare

Posted by editor 07/05/2013 0 Comment 2889 views

Why a groundbreaking healthcare social enterprise in the West Midlands could hold the key for the future of the NHS “Honestly, I wouldn’t do this job if it wasn’t so inspiring. Everyone that works here is so passionate and the community really appreciates what we do,” says Shazma Bi, a 31-year-old mum of three and […]



Posted by editor 24/04/2013 0 Comment 3128 views

Dr Naeem Ahmed set up to hook up skilled volunteers with people who could use their help. Here, he and Big Issue founder John Bird ponder the key to social change JB: I feel we are living in a world where people are always looking for someone to blame, always wanting to know what’s […]

Occupy Teatro Valle

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 0 Comment 2603 views

Once upon a time there was a theatre in the heart of Rome. It was the brainchild of Roman nobleman Camillo Capranica, who put the project into the hands of architect Tommaso Morelli. They decided to call it Teatro Valle after its first director, Domenico Valle. It opened its doors on 7th January 1727 and […]

Made in Ullapool

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 1 Comment 3911 views

By Jenny McBain Ullapool in the Norwest Highlands of Scotland is a beautiful village bordered by traditional white washed houses dating back to the 18th century, nestled round a sea loch and overlooked by ancient, moody mountains. Although it is over fifty miles from the city of Inverness and has a population of just 1400, […]

Camphill Special School

Camphill Special School

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 0 Comment 2669 views

A week ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what yarrow is. Visiting Thornage Hall in Norfolk, I am picking these tiny purple clumps of flowers. “It adds nutrients the compost,” Sherrie explains.  Sherrie Bintein doesn’t profess to know bio-dynamic farming principles, leaving that to the farmer and head gardener. As Community Care […]

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