What is Answers From Big Issue?

Answers From Big Issue:  a new idea

We are shining a light on the hundreds and thousands of ‘Answers’ – successful and innovative social projects and endeavours –  that are improving society every day.

The media  is notoriously interested in what’s going wrong in the world. It loves disasters and failures. And long may they remind us that all is not as it should be. But this comes at a heavy price. We ignore the good stuff.

The world is full of Answers, yet finding them is often like pulling teeth. Our aim is to create a network of all the excellent but overlooked projects around the UK and beyond. We want to oxygenate these projects via a platform which offers exposure, the opportunity to share knowledge and resources, and the chance to access support from businesses. In short, we want to enable these Answers to stop just surviving – and start thriving.

Answers From Big Issue also has a bright, readable bi-monthly digital magazine. If you want to hear more about this or get other information from us email join@answersfrombigissue.com

Let’s get those Answers flowing…

Answers to: features@answersfrombigissue.com

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