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Koestler Trust

Posted by editor 03/02/2014 0 Comment 3771 views

Figen Gunes visits the Koestler Trust to find art inspiring inmates

Bounce Back

Posted by editor 05/12/2013 0 Comment 3960 views

A decorating enterprise is giving ex-offenders a fresh lick of paint, discovers Ebony Ali. // Bounce back is a painting and decorating charity and social enterprise that helps ex-offenders get back on their feet having completed their sentence. The charity was set up in 2010 by Francesca Findlater as a means of giving back to […]


Posted by editor 26/09/2013 0 Comment 7582 views

By Jenny McBain // Not many approaches can claim success when it comes to rehabilitating young men who have been in serious trouble with the law.  A social enterprise based in Brighton is leading the way. Lucas Pyke is a smiling, self-assured young man who has recently enjoyed some time in Ghana volunteering on a […]

Just for Kids Law

Posted by editor 07/06/2013 0 Comment 8743 views

By Figen Gunes “Courts say, ‘it is my role to punish.’ Lawyers say, ‘it is my role to get you off.’ And teachers say, ‘I only teach’  – but no one is looking at the whole picture of troubled children,” says Shauneen Lambe, co-founder of Just for Kids Law, a not-for-profit legal advice company for […]

Prison Island

Posted by editor 26/04/2013 0 Comment 7095 views

By Jenny McBain Imagine an island populated by prisoners but light-years from the fortress regime of Alcatraz. It’s a place where offenders undertake meaningful work in pleasant surroundings without the iron limitations of locks and bars. This place exists and it is in Finland. Finding an alternative to the current UK prison system is a […]

Blue Sky for ex-offenders

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 1 Comment 4136 views

When Leroy Skeete got a job on the London Underground with Vital Services, a probation officer told him he “was lucky”. Leroy was incensed – luck had nothing to do with it. “I’ve had to fight to get where I am now. I had no parents who stood by me; I spent most of my […]

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