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Rubies In The Rubble

Posted by editor 23/10/2013 0 Comment 4143 views

  Figen Gunes visits a chutney social business reducing food waste and employing disadvantaged people. // Old bananas will soon be back on the menu in the form of banana ketchups made with chilli, ginger and spices thanks to Rubies in the Rubble, an award-winning social enterprise producing premium quality chutneys from discarded food. Given […]

Trees for Life

Posted by editor 03/10/2012 1 Comment 4064 views

By Jenny McBain At a time when cities are gathering critical mass and swallowing up more of the world’s population, many people yearn for a break in the wilds. However without pioneering individuals who are willing custodians of nature, there would be no such places left. Trees for Life is a charity founded by Alan […]

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