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Three Avocados

Posted by editor 27/03/2014 0 Comment 3583 views

By Danielle Aumord: “It had been a long day. We were all tired and eager to get back to the comfort of our hotel in Jinja (Uganda). And then it happened,” explains 33-year-old Joe Koenig, as he outlines how the not-for-profit organisation, ‘Three Avocados’, that he started, came into being. They sell coffee with 100% […]

Give Me Tap

Posted by editor 14/02/2014 1 Comment 9426 views

Figen Gunes talks to Edwin Broni-Mensah, who has created a genius social enterprise helping folk from the UK to Africa

Wild Things

Posted by editor 12/12/2013 0 Comment 3457 views

Getting troubled youngsters into the great outdoors can do wonders for their behaviour, finds Jenny McBain. // The environmental factors negatively impacting on teenagers are well documented.  But what happens when those who may be  young and disaffected are transplanted from concrete surroundings and constant digital hook-up to a wild setting? Jennie Martin is founder […]

Well Grounded

Posted by editor 19/11/2013 0 Comment 2901 views

Well Grounded are a three-year-old social enterprise helping Congo Basin villagers to understand and assert their rights using the law, as well as supporting them to improve forest governance, discovers Danielle Aumord. // This area includes the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo, Cameroon and the Central African Republic. The basin plays […]

Liter of Light

Posted by editor 26/04/2013 0 Comment 3459 views

Volunteers at NGO the MyShelter Foundation fill the discarded containers with a solution of water and bleach. In five minutes, they use a hammer, rivet, sandpaper, epoxy and metal sheets to fit one of these into a hole in a corrugated iron roof. The result is a bulb which diffuses 55W of sunlight. This is […]

The Wonderbag

Posted by editor 20/09/2012 0 Comment 3280 views

This curious, cushion like device, the Wonderbag, can reduce a family’s fuel usage by 30 per cent, saving money and reducing carbon emissions. Initially designed for use in developing countries, it is now on its way to the UK.

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