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Dress For Success

Posted by editor 26/09/2013 0 Comment 3874 views

By Jenny McBain // The clothes we wear affect the way we feel.  Beyond that, a good outfit actually holds the power to greatly enhance our chances of getting a job, says Dress For Success When politicians deliberate about so called ‘barriers to work’, the need for those seeking employment to have access to suitable […]

Accenture Development Partnership

Posted by editor 09/07/2013 0 Comment 4674 views

BY FIGEN GUNES Intrapreneurship is such a new phenomenon even typing it involves a challenge as at every attempt Microsoft Word autocorrects the writer and suggests “entrepreneur” instead. It’s not the only challenging thing about this unusual role. It’s not a job that anybody applies for it. It’s more of a mindset and an approach […]

Youth against crime not crime against you

Posted by editor 10/06/2013 0 Comment 4529 views

  By Figen Gunes  “Youth against crime not crime against you” (YACNCAY) was set up by award-winning philanthropist Dr Bernadine Toyin Idowu to steer young people away from street crime. Her approach is to get involved in communities and she is setting up an innovative peer-to-peer mentoring scheme.  “How many parents say to their children […]

The Council for Social Responsibility

Posted by editor 28/05/2013 0 Comment 3713 views

By Figen Gunes The Council for Social Responsibility (CSR) is a charity run along social enterprise lines in Hampshire. It aims to transform churches by teaching clergy and lay members how to be innovative and enterprising. Also, it teaches how to engage with communities in a more productive and useful way in a bid to […]

Cypriot Village Project

Posted by editor 21/05/2013 0 Comment 3443 views

By Figen Gunes Eighty-two-year-old social entrepreneur George Eugeniou is angry: “Our project has been hijacked,” he says. “We will be lobbying ministers to maintain community life through placements of families at the block.” The block in question is a small community of housing units dedicated to elderly Cypriot people. It is part of a project […]

Thames Reach

Posted by editor 07/05/2013 0 Comment 3836 views

“I was sleeping rough in places like Embankment and Holborn,” recalls 40-year-old Essex-born Graham Shelby. “In Holborn I would sleep in a car park, under a ramp to keep the rain off. I was always looking for shelter. Pillar to post for 10 months or so.” However, from this bleak outlook just a few months […]

Eva Women’s Project

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 0 Comment 3731 views

A refuge in the north east of England is keeping mums and kids together. Where to turn when the ones you love, the one you trust to look after you becomes abusive? It may be the ultimate personal betrayal but the more practical question of where you go to to escape harm is for the […]

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