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Glasgow Credit Union

Posted by editor 23/01/2014 0 Comment 5833 views

Figen Gunes speaks to an organisation flying the flag for responsible lending

Thames Reach

Posted by editor 07/05/2013 0 Comment 3871 views

“I was sleeping rough in places like Embankment and Holborn,” recalls 40-year-old Essex-born Graham Shelby. “In Holborn I would sleep in a car park, under a ramp to keep the rain off. I was always looking for shelter. Pillar to post for 10 months or so.” However, from this bleak outlook just a few months […]


Posted by editor 07/05/2013 1 Comment 7421 views

Rebecca Taylor used to be one of the millions who struggled every day to pay for some of the ordinary things in life because she couldn’t get credit from mainstream providers. But now she is happy to sing the praises of Moneyline, an extraordinary award-winning social enterprise providing low-cost loans in the high street. “It’s […]

Liter of Light

Posted by editor 26/04/2013 0 Comment 3467 views

Volunteers at NGO the MyShelter Foundation fill the discarded containers with a solution of water and bleach. In five minutes, they use a hammer, rivet, sandpaper, epoxy and metal sheets to fit one of these into a hole in a corrugated iron roof. The result is a bulb which diffuses 55W of sunlight. This is […]

The Wonderbag

Posted by editor 20/09/2012 0 Comment 3288 views

This curious, cushion like device, the Wonderbag, can reduce a family’s fuel usage by 30 per cent, saving money and reducing carbon emissions. Initially designed for use in developing countries, it is now on its way to the UK.

Pants to Poverty

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 0 Comment 3490 views

Cotton has become one of the most common fabrics in clothing today and it’s certainly a popular choice for our underwear. The thing is, most cotton production is riddled with issues such as heavy pesticide use and seriously unfair trade. So back in 2005 during the Make Poverty History campaign, a new pair of pants […]

Beulah and Open Hand

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 0 Comment 3320 views

It’s rare to find a luxury womenswear label that has no black on their rails. The most striking thing about Beulah London’s dresses are the rich, deep colours and flirty prints. The signature pieces are elegant, yet striking and confident, making any girl wearing them stand out in the crowd. Beulah brings together two very […]

Trickle Out, Africa

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 0 Comment 3330 views

Can small businesses help avoid Africa’s poverty traps? A project by a University in Belfast aims to find out in the most adventurous way. Development through enterprise in Southern and Eastern Africa – the Trickle Out Africa project. Many suggest that for Africa to develop sustainably ‘Trade not Aid’ is the way forward. Yet whilst […]

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