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Posted by editor 03/04/2014 0 Comment 8815 views

Everyone needs a HUG – Jenny McBain finds out about an innovative mental health project.

Maternal And Child Health Advocacy International

Posted by editor 27/03/2014 0 Comment 4819 views

By Jenny McBain: Technology can easily be employed to bridge geographical distance but it takes a special combination of compassion, imagination and determination to bridge a cultural gap and bring about positive social change in far flung communities. A small Highland based charity headed run by two medical doctors, who contribute their time for free, […]

Art In Healthcare

Posted by editor 27/02/2014 0 Comment 3807 views

Art In Healthcare is an Edinburgh charity which strives to improve the lives of patients and residents in care settings; Jenny McBain finds out more from CEO Trevor Jones

Highland Home Carers

Posted by editor 08/01/2014 0 Comment 4043 views

Home caring for the frail or those with disabilities is a commendable enough undertaking, but one unconventional company has taken their commitment to the community to new levels. By Charles Howgego “I would be totally lost without them,” says Helen Henderson from her home in Inverness. The 70-year-old has had mobility issues for some time […]

CoolTan Arts, Life After Richard

Posted by editor 04/12/2013 0 Comment 3759 views

  After the shocking death of volunteer Richard Muzira, Figen Gunes talks to founder Michelle Baharier about his impact and the role of volunteers in general.// In the middle of a new art exhibition called Hope sits a tribute book to CoolTan Arts volunteer Richard Muzira, who died aged 61 in a bike accident in […]

My Time

Posted by editor 26/11/2013 0 Comment 3368 views

  A unique mental health social enterprise employing former service users is covering new ground, finds Andrew Burns. // Five years ago Tony Mills was at death’s door. Having just lost his job on a building site in Birmingham and with nothing – and no one – to lean on, he developed depression and felt […]

Midlands Psychology

Posted by editor 26/11/2013 0 Comment 3370 views

Charles Howgego hears about a group of clinicians improving the mental health of whole communities. // “It was an amazing, probably brave and stupid thing to do,” is the honest summing up of Angela Southall looking back on her decision to leave the NHS in 2008 and set up social enterprise Midlands Psychology (MP). The […]

One In Four magazine

Posted by editor 11/11/2013 0 Comment 507298 views

  One In Four magazine was set up by Social Spider, an idea from social entrepreneur David Floyd to help people create change through writing, publishing, training and research. By Figen Gunes.// One In Four magazine is published quarterly and written by people with mental health difficulties. The magazine is edited by Social Spider director, […]

Mind Food

Posted by editor 15/10/2013 0 Comment 3965 views

‘Care farming’ is growing in popularity as a way of easing the stress of mental ill health, finds Figen Gunes. // “The devil makes work for idle hands,” says the oldest volunteer at Mind Food to refer to her disturbing thoughts while she was in a psychiatric unit for 13 years. Mind Food is a […]

Befrienders Highland

Posted by editor 08/10/2013 0 Comment 3766 views

Mental ill-health changes people’s relationships with friends. One Highlands organisation is helping those cut off reengage. As Jenny McBain finds out. //  Life without the input of friends is almost unthinkable for most people, yet those who have experienced mental ill health often find themselves cut off from the support of others.  Jenny McBain found […]

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