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Highland Home Carers

Posted by editor 08/01/2014 0 Comment 4043 views

Home caring for the frail or those with disabilities is a commendable enough undertaking, but one unconventional company has taken their commitment to the community to new levels. By Charles Howgego “I would be totally lost without them,” says Helen Henderson from her home in Inverness. The 70-year-old has had mobility issues for some time […]

London Pathway

Posted by editor 24/04/2013 0 Comment 3144 views

  Big Issue vendor André Rostant speaks to key figures in London Pathway – a project to give homeless people appropriate healthcare whilst using ex-homeless people to facilitate it “The NHS is set up to be comprehensive, universal, and free at point of care regardless of the ability to pay,” says Dr Aidan Halligan, the […]

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