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Building Lives

Posted by editor 21/06/2013 0 Comment 3776 views

By Figen Gunes It’s the middle of a tour of a life-changing apprenticeship academy; the guide is the multi-millionaire founder of the award-winning social enterprise: Building Lives. But he crosses a line by opening a door to an exam room. “Keep quiet. Close the door,” says the teacher as we are ushered out. Steve Rawlings […]

App Factor at Queens Park Community School

Posted by editor 17/06/2013 0 Comment 4189 views

HOW TO GET KIDS INTERESTED IN APPS AND SOFTWARE // On Friday September 7, Queens Park Community School (QPCS) walked into the first day of school and found that not everything was as we’d left it. Scattered around the school were odd little logos with a big “A” and some weird gibberish in the middle. […]

Youth against crime not crime against you

Posted by editor 10/06/2013 0 Comment 4561 views

  By Figen Gunes  “Youth against crime not crime against you” (YACNCAY) was set up by award-winning philanthropist Dr Bernadine Toyin Idowu to steer young people away from street crime. Her approach is to get involved in communities and she is setting up an innovative peer-to-peer mentoring scheme.  “How many parents say to their children […]

Just for Kids Law

Posted by editor 07/06/2013 0 Comment 8871 views

By Figen Gunes “Courts say, ‘it is my role to punish.’ Lawyers say, ‘it is my role to get you off.’ And teachers say, ‘I only teach’  – but no one is looking at the whole picture of troubled children,” says Shauneen Lambe, co-founder of Just for Kids Law, a not-for-profit legal advice company for […]

SCA Trafalgar

Posted by editor 04/06/2013 0 Comment 3065 views

A healthy set of gnashers can mean a healthy community. Just ask dental pioneers SCA Trafalgar Imagine you are in a job interview and your potential employer says: “And finally, can I have a look at your teeth?” Given the current strict guidelines in place in employment law, I don’t think this line of questioning […]

Talking Mats

Posted by editor 04/06/2013 0 Comment 4276 views

The young man stares at the mat in front of him. There are three columns on the mat representing: things he’s coping well with; things that are going okay; and things he’s struggling with. He is given a card denoting ‘spare time’ and is asked to place it in the most appropriate column. He ponders […]

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