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Art In Healthcare

Posted by editor 27/02/2014 0 Comment 3848 views

Art In Healthcare is an Edinburgh charity which strives to improve the lives of patients and residents in care settings; Jenny McBain finds out more from CEO Trevor Jones


Posted by editor 14/02/2014 0 Comment 4316 views

Jenny McBain samples a restaurant that contributes to the greater good whilst providing great food and a SPECIAL BIG ISSUE OFFER!

Centre For Confidence And Wellbeing

Posted by editor 05/09/2013 0 Comment 4325 views

Questions by Jenny McBain // Answers by Carol Craig You are founder of the ‘Centre for Confidence and Well-being. What are the issues you are inspired to tackle? Obviously I have an interest in personal confidence and well-being but increasingly as a Centre we are interested in social and cultural change including social justice and […]

For the Right Reasons

Posted by editor 03/10/2012 0 Comment 3302 views

By Jenny McBain The Reverend Richard Burkitt is quite happy if people perceive him as being crazy. To him, Christianity is all about laying yourself on the line and helping people on the margins of society. The Rev, as he is known, has co-founded For the Right Reasons,a social enterprise in Merkinch, a deprived area […]

Trees for Life

Posted by editor 03/10/2012 1 Comment 4064 views

By Jenny McBain At a time when cities are gathering critical mass and swallowing up more of the world’s population, many people yearn for a break in the wilds. However without pioneering individuals who are willing custodians of nature, there would be no such places left. Trees for Life is a charity founded by Alan […]

Ness Soaps

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 0 Comment 3563 views

By Jenny McBain To step into the shop front of Ness Soaps in Inverness is to enter a world of intoxicating smells and enticingly packaged products.  But it is much more than that. Ness Soaps is, in fact, a social enterprise based in the Highland capital, Inverness. The company makes luxury soaps and other toiletries […]

Made in Ullapool

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 1 Comment 4113 views

By Jenny McBain Ullapool in the Norwest Highlands of Scotland is a beautiful village bordered by traditional white washed houses dating back to the 18th century, nestled round a sea loch and overlooked by ancient, moody mountains. Although it is over fifty miles from the city of Inverness and has a population of just 1400, […]

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