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Hackney Pirates

Posted by editor 03/04/2014 0 Comment 10066 views

Billy Guedalla climbs aboard an adventurous learning project for struggling kids

The Academy Of Culinary Arts

Posted by editor 03/04/2014 0 Comment 3792 views

Gastronomic leviathan Albert Roux still has a passion for passing on his enthusiasm for food, discovers Jenny McBain


Posted by editor 27/02/2014 0 Comment 4202 views

How do young people find a voice for themselves in politics? Figen Gunes meets some people who think they have the answer

Furniture Resource Centre

Posted by editor 23/01/2014 0 Comment 4093 views

Times are tough and furniture expensive. Figen Gunes discovers a way forward for low income households

The Engine Shed

Posted by editor 17/01/2014 0 Comment 4194 views

Jenny McBain visits The Engine Shed, an Edinburgh ‘training’ café with a special place in the community

Bristol Together

Posted by editor 09/12/2013 0 Comment 3040 views

  Danielle Aumord uncovers a rare example of partnering bringing success to a training programme for ex-offenders. // ‘Two heads are better than one’ is a common saying but in the competitive world of charities and social enterprises it’s rare to see a collective of organisations working together for common good. A sad paradox maybe, but […]

Bounce Back

Posted by editor 05/12/2013 0 Comment 3976 views

A decorating enterprise is giving ex-offenders a fresh lick of paint, discovers Ebony Ali. // Bounce back is a painting and decorating charity and social enterprise that helps ex-offenders get back on their feet having completed their sentence. The charity was set up in 2010 by Francesca Findlater as a means of giving back to […]


Posted by editor 05/12/2013 0 Comment 4342 views

Martin Kitara visits a 360-degree-spinning wheel of cycle goodness at a London social enterprise. // Bikeworks started trading in 2007 after being registered as a company in 2006. The founding partners Jim Blakemore and Zoe Portlock developed Bikeworks because they saw strong potential for the cycling to make a positive difference to the lives of […]

Crisis Skylight Cafe

Posted by editor 02/12/2013 0 Comment 7300 views

Danielle Aumord dives into the training cafe at Crisis Skylight. // The London-based Crisis Skylight Cafe is perched on Commercial Street in the financial heart of the city. As you peer through the windows it looks cosy, and in stark contrast to many of the local eateries this is a cafe with a mission. “The café was […]

Evolution Cycle Co

Posted by editor 26/11/2013 0 Comment 4250 views

Figen Gunes finds stolen bikes donated by  Camden police to a social enterprise repaired by local unemployed youngsters or ex-offenders with the aim of creating jobs. // “Evolution cycle is a key point of my life as now I have a legitimate job that pays for my living. It is also keeping me out of trouble […]

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