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Prison Island

Posted by editor 26/04/2013 0 Comment 6683 views

By Jenny McBain Imagine an island populated by prisoners but light-years from the fortress regime of Alcatraz. It’s a place where offenders undertake meaningful work in pleasant surroundings without the iron limitations of locks and bars. This place exists and it is in Finland. Finding an alternative to the current UK prison system is a […]

Blue Sky for ex-offenders

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 1 Comment 3700 views

When Leroy Skeete got a job on the London Underground with Vital Services, a probation officer told him he “was lucky”. Leroy was incensed – luck had nothing to do with it. “I’ve had to fight to get where I am now. I had no parents who stood by me; I spent most of my […]

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