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Get To Know Your Techno

Posted by editor 26/09/2013 0 Comment 3167 views

By Jenny McBain // Forget talk of uncommunicative youngsters- a group of Highland teenagers shows that they are in possession of true community spirit. The famous political exhortation that we should ‘hug a hoodie’ was a glib summary about one set of ideas about how to bridge the gap between generations. A group of Highland […]


Posted by editor 30/07/2013 0 Comment 7831 views

By Figen Gunes “We fool ourselves by thinking we are having a global dialogue,” says Libby Powell, co-founder of Radar, a social enterprise which aims to diversify voices in global news. “But a lot of current content is coming from urban, educated and often male sources with access to smart phones or an internet connection. […]

App Factor at Queens Park Community School

Posted by editor 17/06/2013 0 Comment 4091 views

HOW TO GET KIDS INTERESTED IN APPS AND SOFTWARE // On Friday September 7, Queens Park Community School (QPCS) walked into the first day of school and found that not everything was as we’d left it. Scattered around the school were odd little logos with a big “A” and some weird gibberish in the middle. […]

The House of St Barnabas

Posted by editor 20/05/2013 0 Comment 3875 views

By Figen Gunes We all know the stereotype of the private members’ club where wealthy bosses dangle empty glasses at their servers, awaiting refills and attention. And celebrities meet up for fluffy chats while enjoying ‘safe zones’ of such venues away from the prying eyes of the public.   But, anyone against the idea of […]

Rag Tag ‘N’ Textile

Posted by editor 24/04/2013 0 Comment 4432 views

By Jenny McBain Rag Tag ‘N’ Textile- A Social Enterprise Making Material Progress in the Highlands On gate crashing a celebratory lunch at a Highland social enterprise it was impossible to tell who had mental health issues and who did not.  Everybody sat around a large table in the cosy work- shop which is situated […]

Souper Powers

Posted by editor 24/04/2013 0 Comment 3318 views

The Bath Soup company works with homeless people in its community but also with local growers and restaurants. Big Issue vendor Frank visited to uncover the secret of their magical socially-dynamic broth. “We’re not making soup to give to the homeless as a hot meal – the company the uses soup as a way of […]

Ness Soaps

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 0 Comment 3474 views

By Jenny McBain To step into the shop front of Ness Soaps in Inverness is to enter a world of intoxicating smells and enticingly packaged products.  But it is much more than that. Ness Soaps is, in fact, a social enterprise based in the Highland capital, Inverness. The company makes luxury soaps and other toiletries […]


Posted by editor 19/09/2012 0 Comment 3672 views

“If I hadn’t come here, I would be dead.” John Gall, the day manager at Emmaus Cambridge, doesn’t look at all like a man who spent 10 years on the street. He is sure of himself, looks healthy and is happy. He is open about his story of living rough and finally being recommended to […]

Made in Ullapool

Posted by editor 19/09/2012 1 Comment 3997 views

By Jenny McBain Ullapool in the Norwest Highlands of Scotland is a beautiful village bordered by traditional white washed houses dating back to the 18th century, nestled round a sea loch and overlooked by ancient, moody mountains. Although it is over fifty miles from the city of Inverness and has a population of just 1400, […]

Beyond Food Foundation

Posted by editor 18/09/2012 2 Comments 8244 views

By Big Issue vendor Sharon Payne. The Beyond Food Foundation (BFF) runs two programmes to help people who either are, have been, or could, become homeless. Started by chef Simon Boyle, the Foundation aims to provide valuable skills, along with self-confidence in order to help people to gain meaningful employment. Boyle originally invited homeless people […]

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