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Mind Food

Posted by editor 15/10/2013 0 Comment 3481 views

‘Care farming’ is growing in popularity as a way of easing the stress of mental ill health, finds Figen Gunes. // “The devil makes work for idle hands,” says the oldest volunteer at Mind Food to refer to her disturbing thoughts while she was in a psychiatric unit for 13 years. Mind Food is a […]

Shot In The Dark

Posted by editor 26/09/2013 0 Comment 2314 views

By Jenny McBain The Northwest Highlands has mile after mile of mountainous seascape into which to invest the imagination.  But that in itself, is no guarantee of a happy life.  In fact, when visitors tell locals how lucky they are to live in the midst of such beauty, they often reply, “you cannot eat scenery” […]

App Factor at Queens Park Community School

Posted by editor 17/06/2013 0 Comment 3644 views

HOW TO GET KIDS INTERESTED IN APPS AND SOFTWARE // On Friday September 7, Queens Park Community School (QPCS) walked into the first day of school and found that not everything was as we’d left it. Scattered around the school were odd little logos with a big “A” and some weird gibberish in the middle. […]

Artysans Café

Artysans Café

Posted by editor 28/05/2013 0 Comment 2607 views

By Jenny McBain For teachers and others who work with young people, witnessing some of them slide into long term unemployment and homelessness is a bit like watching a disaster movie in slow motion. There are warning signs long before catastrophe strikes. However, poor outcomes need not be inevitable for anyone, according to Isobel Grigor […]

Pathfinder Healthcare

Posted by editor 07/05/2013 0 Comment 2587 views

Why a groundbreaking healthcare social enterprise in the West Midlands could hold the key for the future of the NHS “Honestly, I wouldn’t do this job if it wasn’t so inspiring. Everyone that works here is so passionate and the community really appreciates what we do,” says Shazma Bi, a 31-year-old mum of three and […]

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